Vesta Natto MK-7™ uses microencapsulation technology to firmly coat vitamin K2 MK-7 with safe food ingredients that can be digested when consumed in the body.

The coated vitamin K2 prevents direct contact with alkali salts such as calcium and magnesium, which might cause decomposition and maintain the product’s effectiveness and stability.

The microencapsulated vitamin K2 is water-soluble and well dispersed in water, beverages, milk, etc., so it can be used in various products, including aqueous solutions.

Proven Accelerated Stability Data available.

What is NATTOMK-7™?

Vesta Natto MK-7™ is Vitamin K2 MK-7, also known as Menaquinone-7. MK-7 is a highly bioavailable extract of “natto” which is a traditional Asian soy-food dish. The Vitamin K2 form of MK-7 is absorbed better than the Vitamin K1 form, which is more commonly found in other food products.

Natto MK-7™ functions in the carboxylation and binding of calcium to specific bone proteins. Research shows that MK-7 regulates calcium in the arteries as well. Thus, Natto MK-7™ ultimately supports both circulatory and skeletal health at the same time.

Advanced CO2 Extraction Process

  • Supercritical (CO2) extraction with high pressure and low temperature, for an environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Preserves the original active properties without any solvents for the most bioactive compound
  • Produces a concentrated and pure extract that is very stable and highly bioavailable
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Technology Advantages

  • New manufacturing process using CO2 and no solvents
  • Supercritical (CO2) extraction for a concentrated and pure extract that is environmentally friendly
  • Clean purification with separation of MK-7 trans form
  • Complies with USP 40 Monographs

Features of Natto MK-7™

  • All-natural produced MK-7 results in high-yield, high-quality, highly-bioavailable, and highly-effective finished product
  • Natto MK-7™ helps to regulate calcium levels in bone and arteries
  • Vitamin K2 MK-7 has the highest bioavailable and bioactivity of all Vitamin K vitamers
  • Supports both circulatory and skeletal health

Why is MK-7 Vitamin K2 Necessary

MK-7 regulates calcium through an amino acid that is part of the matrix Gla protein (a calcium-regulating protein), which is dependent on MK-7 to function properly. If the protein does not contain enough MK-7, it will not be able to retain calcium through carboxylation. Without MK-7, the calcium does not get directed to the areas where it is needed, such as the bones, and instead calcium moves out into the bloodstream and deposits in arteries and other soft tissue. MK-7 ensures that the calcium is directed and retained in the bones at normal, healthy levels.

Benefits of Natto MK-7™

MK-7 is unique in that it displays no toxicity at normal recommended levels, and unlike Vitamin K2, it does not concentrate in the liver. MK-7 helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system and may help to maintain healthy bones, joints, and arteries.

How does MK-7 support healthy bones?

Bone mineral density is directly related to the amount of MK-7 that is present within the body. With the addition of MK-7 to the diet, the aging-related bone loss might be avoided, and support is provided for skeletal health.

Product Information

  • Appearance: Powder
  • Odor/Taste: Characteristic
  • Dose: 45-160 mcg daily

Packaging & Storage

  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Do not freeze
  • Keep away from strong direct light
  • Package Unit: 1-5 kg


  • Dietary Supplement
  • Capsules/Tablets/Softgels/Powder

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