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With our experienced staff of technical experts, our team can package your supplements to your exact specifications. If you require capsules, our state-of-the-art encapsulation equipment delivers a consistent product, batch after batch, for manufacturing runs of any size. Our facility has the capabilities to properly handle, manufacture, and package even the most complex materials. Packaging takes more than just stuffing tablets, soft gel caps, hard shell caps, or powders into just any bottle or blister pack.

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We Specialize in Hygroscopic Materials

The Key to Stability: Hygroscopic material absorbs moisture easily. Contact with moisture causes these materials to degrade and become “unstable”. The capabilities to properly handle, manufacture, and package these materials is vital to the stability and effectiveness of the product.

  • Choose foil blister packs. Plastic material blister packs or bottles have the potential of exposing the product to moisture, depleting the active material. The foil protects them from the air and moisture, both of which will cause the tablets to break down and begin to lose their potency.

  • Choose tablets. When it comes to hygroscopic material, tablets are superior to capsules. Bottled tablets, produced in a tightly controlled environment and enteric-coated, retain potency almost as well as tablets in blister packs.

  • Look for enteric coasting. Enteric-coated tablets are designed to protect the tablet to allow it to reach the intestinal tract, instead of breaking down in the stomach. This process can also protect hygroscopic material from moisture exposure.

Inside Look

Blister Packing

Blister packaging has been a popular choice in packaging for many years, providing a cost-effective means of effectively displaying a product line and have many advantages over other forms of packaging.

Besides providing custom blister packaging and sealing solutions, Vesta Nutra also offers runs and stock blisters for a great looking product at a reduced cost. Whether it be the minimums or the millions of pieces that you need, Vesta Nutra can handle it for you.

Blister Sealing Options

  • Blister Cards (SBS)
  • E Flute Blister Cards
  • Tyvek Backing
  • Foil Backing