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What is Collagenesis II™

Collagenesis II™ is made of a naturally derived collagen matrix commonly found in joint cartilage. Collagenesis II™ is a proprietary blend of denatured collagen of chicken sternal cartilage.

Collagenesis II™ is a naturally occurring protein found in connective tissues. Collagen is a fibrous matrix protein that gives our skin and tendons integrity and elasticity. Collagenesis II™ is of the highest purity from all natural sources, providing our customers with one of the best quality products out on the market.

  • Collagenesis II™ is an all natural raw material product that provides a multitude of health benefits to your hair, eyes, nails, joints, and skin. Vesta Collagenesis II™ features collagen which occurs naturally in the human body with numerous health benefits. Collagenesis II™ will support both your joints and skin.
  • Healthy, youthful skin has ample numbers of fibroblasts to help produce a collagenous network within the dermis (middle layer of the skin and joints), but as we age, the number of fibroblasts begin to decline, leading to less collagen production. Fortunately, this loss of collagen can be supplemented with Collagenesis II™.
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Why Use Collagenesis II™?

Collagen is a common protein that is naturally made by our bodies. In fact, it makes up approximately 25-35% of our entire body’s protein content. Here are even different forms of collagen that are incorporated into joints (hyaline cartilage), eyes, skin, nails, hair, and skin. Collagenesis II™ is produced through an advanced manufacturing technique that allows us to extract the exact form of collagen which is incorporated naturally in the human body.

Benefits of Collagenesis II™

  • Supports joint health and joint lubrication
  • All natural forms of collagen, identical to the kind found naturally in humans
  • Helps firm and improve skin elasticity, aiding in wrinkle reduction
  • Provides and helps maintain a more youthful appearance


  • Support cartilage and joint health
  • Helps rebuild lost dermal framework caused by aging
  • Revives and rejuvenates the complexion
  • Maintains youthful appearance

Packaging and Storage

  • Store in cool dry place
  • Minimum Pack Size: 1-25kg

Collagenesis II™ is a unique bioactive protein derived from all-natural sources. The multiple benefits of Collagenesis II™ include bone health, joint health, skin beauty, and sports nutrition. Active adults and sports participants prefer Collagenesis II protein.

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