Vesta Nutra creates formulations for a growing trend in delivering healthy ingredients that play a significant role in all applications. Our experts take pride in innovating, modifying, and producing ingredients that improve health, delay the aging process, or support the function of repairing the human body.

At Vesta, we understand there are purer, more effective, and more potent ingredients just waiting to be discovered. Our skilled research and development staff is constantly investigating all emerging scientific and botanical data in order to formulate the next breakthrough dietary supplement your customers will demand.

If, you are looking for ingredients or formulations to create nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pet, or sports nutrition products then contact our office today.

Cognitive Health

Our cognitive health products work throughout the body to support the brain, bringing focus and energy.

Cosmeceuticals, Eyes & Joint Health

Focused on ways to return natural beauty to damaged or aging bodies, Vesta Ingredients supplies the finest cosmeceuticals.

Immunity, Energy & Weight Loss

We work in an industry that allows people a natural and inexpensive solution to health issues, immunity, or DNA repair.

Pet Health

Many of Vesta’s Ingredients are great for our furry friends also! For animals with age-related issues, or pets who have allergies, even pets experiencing cancer-related issues.

Sports Nutrition

Vesta is committed to offering a wide variety of beneficial ingredients for the sports community, whether they are professional athletes or just sports enthusiasts.

Triple Benefits & Liver Health

Vesta’s contract manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture this highly hygroscopic ingredient also. We specialize in tableting SAMe, NADH, and NMN.