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Beta Glucan 1,3 D and Fucoidan


What is ImmuneNK™?

Vesta’s ImmuneNK™ is a proprietary blend of cutting-edge, immune-boosting ingredients that are all-natural, non-GMO, and responsibly sourced. This carefully formulated, exclusive blend of ingredients works in concert and synergistically activates the body’s innate immune surveillance system and provides effective immunoprotection. Daily supplementation with our proprietary blend that has been scientifically backed and rationally designed will effectively promote natural healing and immunostimulation.

Benefits of ImmuneNK™

  • Provides indispensable nutrients and antioxidants
  • Helps curb negative inflammation while supporting healthy immune responses
  • Scientifically based to optimally support immune function for the cold/flu season
  • Provides exclusive comprehensive immune support through multifactorial modulation

Why Vesta’s ImmuneNK™?

The innate immune cells are the first and primary line of defense against pathogens. They function as the initial response through detection and clearance of invading viruses and bacteria and are also critically important in training and triggering the adaptive immune responses for long-term protection. For these very reasons, innate immune responses are uniquely vital to the maintenance of our health. Unfortunately, certain medical conditions, lack of sleep, malnutrition, and aging adversely impact our innate immune system’s ability to function adequately to keep us healthy.

A critical feature of our innate immune response is that they require the engagement of pathogen-associated molecular patterns to become activated. Luckily, there are functional food ingredients that effectively boost the immune system by triggering immunosurveillance with no adverse response. Through a careful and systematic evaluation of this class of all-natural immune-boosting ingredients, Vesta Ingredients derived a proprietary formulation called ImmuneNK™. Supplementation of ImmuneNK™ provides the one most safe and immunoprotective effects on the market.

How ImmuneNK™ Works

The primary active ingredients of ImmuneNK™ include two different naturally occurring polysaccharides that have been shown to be a safe and effective way of boosting our innate immune system. These functional molecules are Beta Glucan 1,3 D and Fucoidan, two leading immune-boosting ingredients on the market. We carefully formulated Beta Glucan 1,3 D along with Fucoidan and additional supporting ingredients to synergistically and optimally boost healthy immune function. The key advantage of these functional ingredients is that they are naturally occurring products that have years of proven science backing their efficacy:

Beta Glucan is a form of natural glucan that acts as a potent stimulant to activate phagocytic white blood cells that are a key part of our immune system’s early response to infection. These activated immune cells are versatile in function by ridding our bodies of pathogens through phagocytosis and by stimulating other immune cells. Inducing this enhanced surveillance mode aids the immune system for better clearance of potential pathogens. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide, fucoidan, that naturally occurs in seaweed and has had a long-standing history in medicinal use for its immune reinforcing activity. Fucoidan boosts the activity of antigen-presenting cells, which act as gatekeepers and messengers between innate and adaptive immunity. This helps facilitate a more optimal function between this cross-talk by assisting in innate immune activity.

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