Your Own Brand

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to break into the dietary supplement industry, private label is a great option. Vesta’s private label offerings have a low minimum order quantity, fast lead times, and incredible wholesale prices. Plus, the hassle is taken out of the process because our products are already formulated and ready to manufacture.

We understand that timely information is key to your success. Our customer service team is trained to provide specific answers to all your questions, whether you’re looking for quotes, specification sheets, order status updates, product delivery details, international documentation support, or audits of our internal capabilities.

At Vesta, we believe that every customer deserves our full attention. That’s why we offer full-service private label contract manufacturing services for big or small production runs. We are passionate about helping today’s small businesses become tomorrow’s major players.

With Vesta

It is easy to:

  • Get ahead of the curve with new products containing the latest active ingredient(s) or combinations.
  • Take full advantage of new public awareness of emerging or established products.
  • Substitute high-priced trademarked brands with an enhanced edition of a house brand.

Now Is The Time

Low MOQ’s

Because private label items can be produced In bulk or even piggybacked on another order, you chance at getting an MOQ as low as 1000 is completely feasible.

Fast Lead Times

The formulation is already in place. The research and development have already taken place. We even know how many capsules fit in a bottle. All this adds up to QUICK production time! Possibly 6-8 weeks!

Wholesale Prices

No time spent formulation or on the R&D process, that means fewer hours and better prices!