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Newly Launched Ingredient



LipoQuest™ product takes the benefits of liposomes to the next level by encapsulating nutrients within these microscopic lipid droplets. This advanced delivery system ensures that our ingredients are highly stable and bioavailable, resulting in superior results that consumers can trust. These tiny, spherical structures are made up of a phospholipid bilayer that encloses a liquid or powder inside and is similar to the cell membrane in your body. This allows the liposomes to be an effective carrier of vital nutrients to enhance supplement bioavailability and allows nutrients to easily pass through the digestive system to be absorbed.

How can LipoQuest™ improve your portfolio?

Vesta Nutra


From prototypes to full-scale runs, Vesta Nutra can handle all your contract manufacturing needs, including tableting, encapsulation, and packaging. Our FDA-registered cGMP facility will manufacture your supplements in the form you require – tablets, powders, hard shell caps, and blends – and our modern packaging equipment can supply your product in the packaging you desire – bottles, blister packs, or sachets. We specialize in dry ingredients.

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