What is NattoMK-7™ MCT™?

Vesta’s oil-based MK-7 Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are derived by esterifying glycerol with mixtures of caprylic (C:8) and capric (C:10) fatty acids which are fractionated from vegetable oil source. They are specially processed to achieve superior oxidative stability and low odor. Then they are further refined to remove residual fatty acids, resulting in a product with essentially no odor or flavor.

NattoMK-7™ MCT™ functions mainly as a co-factor for the enzyme gamma-glutamyl-carboxylase, which is responsible for the carboxylation and binding of calcium in the arteries as well. Thus, NattoMK-7™ MCT™ ultimately supports heart health and bone health at the same time.

Readily digested, NattoMK-7™ MCT™ travels directly to the liver and is metabolized in 1/8th the time of Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs), without accumulating in the body as fat.

Due to MK-7’s low viscosity and excellent oxidative stability, NattoMK-7™ MCT™ are used as excipients in oral and topical pharmaceuticals for human applications. They act as carriers of fat-soluble vitamins and actives. The emollient properties enable NattoMK-7™ MCT™ to improve the aesthetics of topical products and many other pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements while functioning as a component of a delivery system.

Benefits of NattoMK-7™ MCT™

  • NattoMK-7™ MCT™ can help regulate calcium levels in bones and arteries and has the highest bioavailability and bioactivity of all forms of vitamin K vitamins
  • Menaquinone-7 (known as Vitamin K2: MK-7) is a highly bioavailable extract of natto, a traditional food dish. Which is derived from fermented nonGMO soybeans
  • NattoMK-7™ MCT™ regulates calcium through an amino acid that is part of the matrix Gla protein (a calcium-regulating protein), which is dependent on MK-7 MCT™ to function properly. If the protein does not contain enough MK-7 MCT™, it will not be able to retain calcium through carboxylation
  • NattoMK-7™ MCT™ is unique because unlike synthetic vitamin K (such as K3) it displays no toxicity, and it does not concentrate on the liver. NattoMK-7™ MCT™ helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system and may help to maintain healthy bones and joints
  • How does NattoMK-7™ MCT™ support healthy bones? Bone mineral density is directly related to the amount of NattoMK-7™ MCT™ that is present in the body

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